About ChoirFest Middle East

ChoirFest was founded in 2013 to address the need of how to celebrate song and recognising the rich diversity of choral music in the region.   In an age where ancestral Arab communities are flourishing their musical presence in the world, there is often not a safe and visible platform for these enthusiastic chorales and instrumentalists to grow and perform to an audience of eager listeners.  

Boasting an impactful programme of choral events and dynamic, educational workshops, ChoirFest Middle East is a distinctive and comprehensive initiative created by The Fridge founder and Director, Shelley Frost and renowned composer, Joanna Marsh.  Their ambition to unite and nurture the varied communities of the Middle East through the language of music has grown the annual Choir Of The Year competition to a five-day festival for over 1,000 vocalists of all ages and nationalities.